Monday, December 27, 2010

Asking to much?

Well i guess i am asking to much i think.

Im sick of our house looking like a pig sty, all i am ever seeming to do is clean, i get it half way nice and clean then the kids come home and its not dirty though just becomes untidy,
I guess it would be to much to ask to get Daniels help hey??? like yeah i do understand that he works 5 days a week from about 8am to about 6pm, though i work to i might not do the hours that he does, though i work from 12 to 6pm monday to thursday then from 12 to 5pm on friday, i get up early to the boys some morning its around 4am, i get them ready for daycare, leave at about 6.30 dont get home to around 8ish, then that gives me 2 hours to get the place clean again, bottles toys picked up vacuuming dishes and washing then i get ready for work at 10 then leave at 11am, so come a weekend or before he goes to work it would be nice if i had a bit of a hand
He honestly wonders why i get so tired and why i go to bed early when i can or have a nap during the day on the weekend, though after doing everything and dealing with the kids on the weekend i am truly stuffed, come some days i am just that tired i cant be bothered cooking tea, so it would be nice if tea was cooked for me, Yes i understand that daniel is tired as well, as he stays up most nights to about 10.30-11pm, just incase Deacan wakes back up,though i am still up early of a morning, i dont know i guess i am just asking to much, most nights all he does is sit on the computer and play his games and thats it,i really dont know any more

Am i asking to much?? Does your partner help you out?

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  1. Sarah,

    Ur probably not asking too much – tho he’s too used to the kinda lifestyle where u do all the cleaning, cooking etc and he gets a very relaxed lifestyle because he was the one that worked. I think now that ur working, u definitely need to sit down and discuss how things have changed and explain how ur feeling and get him to start helping with even something little. It might work, it might not. Men often need nagging (or so we think lol), they get tired and just kinda shutdown, whereas us women get tired and keep going, and going, and going. It’s how God made us i guess lol We just do what we have to... exhausted or not