Saturday, March 19, 2011

We need you

OK so a friend and i have started a new Forum for all mum's and dad's  we have 14 members at the moment though we need more,

Mum And Dad Hang Out

Please come over and have a look, you can't see to much unless you register for it, as we have tried to keep some privacy,

though everyone is welcome :) we wont turn anyone away :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Head or Heart

Isnt it funny how one can rule over another?
Or how both want you to listen though you dont know what one is right,

What to do??
Do i follow my head in something that is telling me its so wrong, and i shouldnt

or do i follow my heart that is telling me to go for it,

My heart miss's a beat and sends a feeling of tingeing/shock through my system, with some excitement to add with it

Though leaves you sitting there thinking and just wondering

Monday, March 14, 2011

It's All Gone

Well my hair is all gone now,
It was all shaved off on the 12th for worlds Greatest Shave 2011

The Front

The Back

It All Gone

All My Hair

I really didn't think that i was going to go through with it, though it was for a very good cause, i was able to raise just over $300 for this cause i am so happy with myself

Thursday, March 10, 2011



Don't you just love it how people have to be sneaky I m finding it quite amusing LOL LOL LOL LOL 

Enough said 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Boys Party

Well its the boys party this weekend, its only 4 days away,
I dont even know who is coming anymore, considering everyone keeps putting out,
It really annoys me that people are now pulling out of it,
Everyone one has known about the party for over 3 months they have all said they are coming now things have happens and they have to pull out, because something has happened or they have to work ra ra ra its always something, Daniel and I make an effort to attend everything that we are invited to even with the kids though looks like people cant make an effort with us.... oh well at least i know where myself and my family stand..... from now on I'm not going to make an effort to attend anyone's crap now

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I got this reply off  a board in fertility Friend i was readying replies and come across this one that made me really upset

I don't know any stories personally (my LO's were preemies but not micro preemies), but my DH is a bioethicist at the #2 hospital in the country, and he occasionally makes NICU rounds to do consults with families, etc at another local hospital. He's seen 23 weekers make it just fine. Just the other day, he personally saw a couple of 23 weekers, they were tiny but doing fairly well. Viability is generally 24 weeks, but it seems many more are making it earlier on nowadays.

I know this sounds wrong and all though if there are more and more 23 weekers being born and surviving then WHY didnt my doctor help Bryce so he would of been able to be here now??? I am so angry and hurt and upset
The doctors didnt even give my little boy a chance though i am no hearing stories of more and more 23 weekers  being born and surviving it just doesnt seem fair at alll

Friday, March 4, 2011


SO its not bad enough that the ladies from AHM are still looking at my blog though they are now adding me on facebook like WHAT THE!!!!!!,
like honestly what is the big fascination with my life? its not bad enough they are coming through their link i am guessing they are searching for my blog to because all of a sudden i have the huge rush of google searches for my blog

I am so totally over all the DRAMA with them, life goes on..... though yet they are still coming here... what are they after more information to call me a bogan??? is that why you are all adding me on facebook for to see if there are any  "bogan" photos of me???

oh well guess they haven't finished with what ever they wanted/need to get off me......

have fun ladies though i really dont know what you are gong to find

What are you going to do next? tell me that it was my fault  my son died??? tell me i didnt do every thing that i should of??? tell me i am such a bad mother???

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Forum

SO i have started a new Forum called Mum And Dad Hang Out

It has a heap of different boards in it,
from a general board (quests can only see this you need to register to be able to see the lot)
there is a parent hood board, home board, R18+ board  Fun board etc

i thought it would be great to have one where anyone can come and talk with out being judged and so the whole world doesnt have to see it

Off Private

Well i have taken this off private as i really don't care any more,

This blog is me, and i dont hide nothing from no one, so yeah

I am still going to post what i want and how i want, nothing is going to change, if i get angry and need to get it out i am going to post it here, how ever i want to, i dont care if my spelling in it is bad or my grammar is either