Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It seems like one thing after another with the kids daycare, i seem to get a phone call from them nearly everyday the kids are in there,
It seems like when ever Jason gets a bit demanding they call me to pick him up, cos they don't want to deal with it, like yeah i could be wrong though that's how its coming across,
on Wednesday they called med because he came out with a rash (he already had it it was a viral rash and they had a doc cert for that) and also because he came out in some welts, fair enough i left to get him in case it was an allergic reaction, Friday it was because he vomited once, and then on Monday because he vomited twice,  dont get me wrong i have NO problem picking him up at all if need be, though each time i have picked him up he was fine once he got home, I explained to them once he has his Ventolin he does vomit because he gets himself that worked up over it and because after he has it he coughs a lot, im the same after i have mine to, i picked him up yesterday and they left vomit on him i walked in and was like WTF, he had dried vomit over his face and hands, i thought they would of at least cleaned him up a little though guess i was wrong

Then of all things one of the daycare ladies turns around to me when i picked him up yesterday and asks "do you feed Jason much" i felt like saying WTF no i let him stave  quite sarcastically though i just took a deep breath and said yeah i do feed him though its hard most times cos when i go to feed him he will push it away alot so i at least make sure he has 3 meals a day at least, i cant get him to eat as much as the day care does, then i turned and said why do you ask? and she said because he had 3 mouthfuls of his food then threw up, though he also had a bottle before he ate so of course he is going to be full and he isnt used to lumpy food that much at the moment so he chokes on it,
i was quite shocked that she asked me if i fed him much, like bloody hell of course i feed Jason,

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Clearing out

So I have been going through all of Jason and Deacan's Baby stuff, and i am clearing out all the stuff they do not use or wear, ive decided the best thing to do is to put it on eBay,
im even going through all of Daniel and I's stuff to as the house seem so cluttered though we didnt think we had that much stuff lol.
Though everything we no longer need/want and is still in good condition I am going to put it on there,I am about to make my first sale on eBay as well its kinda exciting lol

Any way just thought i would make a quick post gotta go tend to Deacan

Friday, August 27, 2010


Sometimes Docotrs make me so angry,
Do they not think before prescribing things to you?
My doctor is great dont get me wrong i have never had a problem with him up until now
I have been getting the depo shot once a month now for about 3 months, 
though i am still bleeding all the time so he told me to take these little white pills
2 pills 3 times a day for 3 days so thats ok that works
for a couple of days then i start to bleed again
so i told him i have had enough, so he then puts me on this newish pill
called "yaz"
so i dont know to much about this one so i do some research on it
and on the web site that i found it says that there
have been a study done in some other country cant remember the name now think it was Denmark
and there have been a 64% increase of cases with blood clotting
like what the hell...
I told daniel straight away that i was not going to take it any more
that we will deal with not getting pregnant the old fashion way
either wear a condom or jsut take our chances
the main reason why i decided to look into it was because i had been taking it for 2 days
though i had had bad migrain the first day then 2 bad migrains on the second day
and i dont often get migrains im sorry though i dont want to take the chance

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Job Interview

Well my job interview last night went really well i think it was a group interview,
I left feeling really good about it
I gave it my all
And showed them that i could work as a team player/working as a group,
I find out by friday if i have the job, if  i dont get a call back means i didnt get it,
Though a VERY big thank you to everyone who wished me luck and best wishes, i am so grateful to have friends like you guys, its really good to know there are people out there who do really care, and are not after just gossip or to make cheap shots,
so a very big thank you to you guys,
oh so cant wait i am going to have my phone on me 100% of the time lol i dont want to miss the call (if there is a call)

On another good note my Ebay items will be finishing soon cant wait with that either going to make my first sale :) Will be adding WAY more stuff to it soon

any way Jason is awake hammering his bottle on the side of the cot and screaming out DAD DAD DAD DAD,

eBay Page

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am over all the negative people in my live,
Life is to short for anyone like that in it...
So now instead of getting pissed off or Irate at them i am just going
keep them out of my life and my kids life,
Im sure after i don't talk to them anymore or let them see my kids
they will figure out what they have done wrong,
I have worked so hard on Daniel and I's marriage now to let little selfish people come in and drive a wedge between us
I now think that if people want to try bring drama and god knows what else into my life then either
1) they are jealous
2) they have nothing better to do with their life
3) they are just down right rude

Though either way its not my problem

Daniel and I just really don't need this any more we really don't, 
So from now on i really couldnt give two hoots about anyone elses crap or drama or what ever i am not going to retaliate or even act like i can any more, the boys in my life is all i am going to worry about any more, im just so over it, other peopels crap keeps bringing us all down, and we have enough of our own stuff to deal with then with anyone else adding to it,

Monday, August 23, 2010


So i am thinking at the moment while i have a lot of stuff here at home that doesn't get used and what not and how i know how to sniff out a bargain  i am going to start buying things and start to re sell them on ebay though was just wondering  what do you think you can make a lot or some profit off? like incense, candles, oils, stickers etc, cos i know places i can buy bulk and re sell, i was thinking doing like that in spare time and while i am not working any source of income it better than nothing

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Full On

Well al i can say is that i have had a full on weekend, its been non stop and on the go,
having a packed house doesn't help either, and SO loud,  I'm not used to so much noise,  and with having Deacan and getting him used to being in a cot, i kinds need it to be quite when it comes time for him to sleep, and i don't feel right any more shutting the door while he is in bed, as i have had a few friends babies/children die of SIDS, so i like to have the door open a little so i can make sure he is breathing, and see the chest moving and also to make sure he hasn't covered his face
I am still doing my Ebay as well adding stuff on there and selling it, it could work out quite good as well, hopefully be able to make some money out of it

Also applied for quite a lot of work as well though let just watch me not get any call backs it really sucks i have the experience that is needed and i can work the hours that are needed as well, and yet still no call back i need to go back to work i want to go back to work

Well thats about it at the moment i can think of need to go and check on jason lol he is really quite,
Oh if anyone would like the link to my Ebay thing just let me know and ill give it to you


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Im so blessed to have my 3 boys i really am i wouldnt give them p for nothing

I go the worse news yesterday a firend of mine over in the states told us all that she lost her 4 month old a week ago, my heart breaks for her it really does, as the loss of a child is something that no one should EVER go through, little beckett died of SIDS, he was such a beautiful little boys,

So for all the mothers/fathers out there that get pissed off at your children and get angry at them and yell and so forth just think yourself lucky that you still have your little one/s there with you,
Remember to kiss them EVERY day tell them how much you love them and how they mean the world to you,
Because you never know when your time will get cut short with them,

RIP Beckett

Friday, August 13, 2010

some people

I really swear some people jsut do not think i really do... or they do though dont understand how much their comments are just plain nasty i recived this comment i think either today or yesterday

Well the dr did say not to get pregnant agIn... Because he new you would have Nother premmie baby... But you were selfish & took that risk anyways to have another baby. So now you haveto deal with the consequences of them being sick with their low immune systems

this was in responce to me posting this

WTF is it with people really? im over it i truely am
Yes my son is back on hosptial
Yes he is sick again...
Why do people keep blaming me for them getting sick for?
DO you really think i like my children being i hospital?
DO you really think i like it that they are sick and unhappy?
I cant help it if they keep getting sick, i do the best i can for htem,
I give them gold formula so they get extra vitimans and minerals, they are also fulling immunised, and i also give them pentivite **extra vitimans** becuase i have them in day careWe are in winter here so its been really cold and yuck, so i keep them rugged up, the heater is always on keeping them warm and with deacan he always has a blanket on him,So beofre ANY of you want to start running your mouth how about you shut it first,
Both of my sons are prem babies, so thier immune system is lower than the average baby,
Seriously is any of uyou can do better please let me know
As i am sure you all have mother and father of the year awards

This really annoys me it really does... how was i being selfish really??? daniel and i were taking precautions i was on contraceptive like bloody hell

i didnt have the heart to have an abortion i really didnt i thought about it though didnt have one.... after burying a child its not easy to "kill" another one like some people really need to think before they talk

and to top it off the person who posted that comment has been evicted TWICE in 6 months, ALSO has the money to go out and get her hair dyed all pretty, her nails done also has money to buy a lot of fancy camera stuff though she is "selfish" enough to spend her money on her and not the rent LMFAO practice what you preach love

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 19th Day Of Hope: The Purpose Of August 19th

August 19th Day Of Hope: The Purpose Of August 19th: "In society pregnancy, infant and child loss is seen as a taboo subject. Why is this? August 19th is a day to break down the walls of soci..."

Monday, August 9, 2010

Random Photos

Well i thought i would just add some random photos of my lovely little family

Sorry guys

Im sorry guys that i have not posted for a while, things have been Very busy for me,
With both Jason and Deacan teething, plus with myself looking for work, and i now have laryngitis and really feel like crap !!!!!!!! though oh well no use complaining now one listens as they say lol,
Jason is doing great he is coming along so far and fast now :) he now drinks out of a sippy cup properly its so cute and he is getting really fast with teh crawling and he now stands all by himself wont be long now until he is walking he now only has one sleep through the day, though still thinks he needs more as he is an utter grump during the day later on after his sleep lol

Deacan slept through the night last night for the very first time though he was good and drank a whopping 280ml out of his bottle no wonder he slept the whole night lol,  also have him on solids now he loves them :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby Things

Im really debating if I should get rid of all the baby stuff that Deacan grows out of or if i should just keep it all,
like the big stuff that is like the bassinet and so forth, cos i guess having another child isnt 100% out of the question it just is at the moment, how do we know what is going to happen in 2 to 3 years down the track?
Plus i dont wan to part with some of it :( some of it has a bit of history with it, like the baby clothes yeah i can just give them away to other people that are having kids, as i have done already, cos baby clothes are easy enough to get

Monday, August 2, 2010

Often Wonder

I really do wonder some days if Daniel is cheating on me :(
He is ALWAYS last home his finish time is 5.30pm, though he doesnt get home until 6.30pm maybe 7 some days late as 7.30pm....
He is not wearing his wedding ring anymore, hasn't done for a couple of weeks now,
He doesnt seem to show any affection towards me either any more, no cuddles, kisses anything not even an "I love you",
I dont want to ask him if he is having an affair just incase the answer is yes... though in another way i would like to know,
Does anyone know the signs of a cheating partner?

Really over it

Im just so over everything i really am, Im over being ingored, im over being treated like crap, im over being expected to do everything, im over being expected to drop everything and come running when anyone says...

Do people no realize that i have my own life and that i am not here to service them?

I have my own stuff to worry about, i have my own stresses to worry about have you ever thought of that? how about you come running when ever i say how about you drop everything when i want you to,,,,

Everything is just getting to much it really is, the boys, life, marriage, looking for work, bills,
I hate how i am expected to everything just a little help is all i am asking for,
I was lucky enough that my father in law peter was about to take Deacan for the night, as he is picking up on everything and becoming a down right handful also doesnt help that he is teething and has a bad case of colic as well,
Daniel and I are seeming to argue a lot and thats just adding to everything i am so sick of him spending so much time on the computer its jsut insane, i ask him to do something usally when i ask him to do something with the boys i need them to be done there and then though no its when he is ready like if jason or deacan has a shitty bum he cant go and change it right there and then has to wait or a snotty nose,
daniel wonders why i am so tired all the time, i spend most of the day cleaning, doing dishes, bottles, washing, lookin after the 2 boys, driving like 80km a day, now add working on top of that, well trying to find a job first any how...