Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am over all the negative people in my live,
Life is to short for anyone like that in it...
So now instead of getting pissed off or Irate at them i am just going
keep them out of my life and my kids life,
Im sure after i don't talk to them anymore or let them see my kids
they will figure out what they have done wrong,
I have worked so hard on Daniel and I's marriage now to let little selfish people come in and drive a wedge between us
I now think that if people want to try bring drama and god knows what else into my life then either
1) they are jealous
2) they have nothing better to do with their life
3) they are just down right rude

Though either way its not my problem

Daniel and I just really don't need this any more we really don't, 
So from now on i really couldnt give two hoots about anyone elses crap or drama or what ever i am not going to retaliate or even act like i can any more, the boys in my life is all i am going to worry about any more, im just so over it, other peopels crap keeps bringing us all down, and we have enough of our own stuff to deal with then with anyone else adding to it,

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