Sunday, August 22, 2010

Full On

Well al i can say is that i have had a full on weekend, its been non stop and on the go,
having a packed house doesn't help either, and SO loud,  I'm not used to so much noise,  and with having Deacan and getting him used to being in a cot, i kinds need it to be quite when it comes time for him to sleep, and i don't feel right any more shutting the door while he is in bed, as i have had a few friends babies/children die of SIDS, so i like to have the door open a little so i can make sure he is breathing, and see the chest moving and also to make sure he hasn't covered his face
I am still doing my Ebay as well adding stuff on there and selling it, it could work out quite good as well, hopefully be able to make some money out of it

Also applied for quite a lot of work as well though let just watch me not get any call backs it really sucks i have the experience that is needed and i can work the hours that are needed as well, and yet still no call back i need to go back to work i want to go back to work

Well thats about it at the moment i can think of need to go and check on jason lol he is really quite,
Oh if anyone would like the link to my Ebay thing just let me know and ill give it to you


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