Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It seems like one thing after another with the kids daycare, i seem to get a phone call from them nearly everyday the kids are in there,
It seems like when ever Jason gets a bit demanding they call me to pick him up, cos they don't want to deal with it, like yeah i could be wrong though that's how its coming across,
on Wednesday they called med because he came out with a rash (he already had it it was a viral rash and they had a doc cert for that) and also because he came out in some welts, fair enough i left to get him in case it was an allergic reaction, Friday it was because he vomited once, and then on Monday because he vomited twice,  dont get me wrong i have NO problem picking him up at all if need be, though each time i have picked him up he was fine once he got home, I explained to them once he has his Ventolin he does vomit because he gets himself that worked up over it and because after he has it he coughs a lot, im the same after i have mine to, i picked him up yesterday and they left vomit on him i walked in and was like WTF, he had dried vomit over his face and hands, i thought they would of at least cleaned him up a little though guess i was wrong

Then of all things one of the daycare ladies turns around to me when i picked him up yesterday and asks "do you feed Jason much" i felt like saying WTF no i let him stave  quite sarcastically though i just took a deep breath and said yeah i do feed him though its hard most times cos when i go to feed him he will push it away alot so i at least make sure he has 3 meals a day at least, i cant get him to eat as much as the day care does, then i turned and said why do you ask? and she said because he had 3 mouthfuls of his food then threw up, though he also had a bottle before he ate so of course he is going to be full and he isnt used to lumpy food that much at the moment so he chokes on it,
i was quite shocked that she asked me if i fed him much, like bloody hell of course i feed Jason,

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