Thursday, August 26, 2010

Job Interview

Well my job interview last night went really well i think it was a group interview,
I left feeling really good about it
I gave it my all
And showed them that i could work as a team player/working as a group,
I find out by friday if i have the job, if  i dont get a call back means i didnt get it,
Though a VERY big thank you to everyone who wished me luck and best wishes, i am so grateful to have friends like you guys, its really good to know there are people out there who do really care, and are not after just gossip or to make cheap shots,
so a very big thank you to you guys,
oh so cant wait i am going to have my phone on me 100% of the time lol i dont want to miss the call (if there is a call)

On another good note my Ebay items will be finishing soon cant wait with that either going to make my first sale :) Will be adding WAY more stuff to it soon

any way Jason is awake hammering his bottle on the side of the cot and screaming out DAD DAD DAD DAD,

eBay Page

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