Friday, August 27, 2010


Sometimes Docotrs make me so angry,
Do they not think before prescribing things to you?
My doctor is great dont get me wrong i have never had a problem with him up until now
I have been getting the depo shot once a month now for about 3 months, 
though i am still bleeding all the time so he told me to take these little white pills
2 pills 3 times a day for 3 days so thats ok that works
for a couple of days then i start to bleed again
so i told him i have had enough, so he then puts me on this newish pill
called "yaz"
so i dont know to much about this one so i do some research on it
and on the web site that i found it says that there
have been a study done in some other country cant remember the name now think it was Denmark
and there have been a 64% increase of cases with blood clotting
like what the hell...
I told daniel straight away that i was not going to take it any more
that we will deal with not getting pregnant the old fashion way
either wear a condom or jsut take our chances
the main reason why i decided to look into it was because i had been taking it for 2 days
though i had had bad migrain the first day then 2 bad migrains on the second day
and i dont often get migrains im sorry though i dont want to take the chance

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