Friday, August 13, 2010

some people

I really swear some people jsut do not think i really do... or they do though dont understand how much their comments are just plain nasty i recived this comment i think either today or yesterday

Well the dr did say not to get pregnant agIn... Because he new you would have Nother premmie baby... But you were selfish & took that risk anyways to have another baby. So now you haveto deal with the consequences of them being sick with their low immune systems

this was in responce to me posting this

WTF is it with people really? im over it i truely am
Yes my son is back on hosptial
Yes he is sick again...
Why do people keep blaming me for them getting sick for?
DO you really think i like my children being i hospital?
DO you really think i like it that they are sick and unhappy?
I cant help it if they keep getting sick, i do the best i can for htem,
I give them gold formula so they get extra vitimans and minerals, they are also fulling immunised, and i also give them pentivite **extra vitimans** becuase i have them in day careWe are in winter here so its been really cold and yuck, so i keep them rugged up, the heater is always on keeping them warm and with deacan he always has a blanket on him,So beofre ANY of you want to start running your mouth how about you shut it first,
Both of my sons are prem babies, so thier immune system is lower than the average baby,
Seriously is any of uyou can do better please let me know
As i am sure you all have mother and father of the year awards

This really annoys me it really does... how was i being selfish really??? daniel and i were taking precautions i was on contraceptive like bloody hell

i didnt have the heart to have an abortion i really didnt i thought about it though didnt have one.... after burying a child its not easy to "kill" another one like some people really need to think before they talk

and to top it off the person who posted that comment has been evicted TWICE in 6 months, ALSO has the money to go out and get her hair dyed all pretty, her nails done also has money to buy a lot of fancy camera stuff though she is "selfish" enough to spend her money on her and not the rent LMFAO practice what you preach love

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