Monday, August 9, 2010

Sorry guys

Im sorry guys that i have not posted for a while, things have been Very busy for me,
With both Jason and Deacan teething, plus with myself looking for work, and i now have laryngitis and really feel like crap !!!!!!!! though oh well no use complaining now one listens as they say lol,
Jason is doing great he is coming along so far and fast now :) he now drinks out of a sippy cup properly its so cute and he is getting really fast with teh crawling and he now stands all by himself wont be long now until he is walking he now only has one sleep through the day, though still thinks he needs more as he is an utter grump during the day later on after his sleep lol

Deacan slept through the night last night for the very first time though he was good and drank a whopping 280ml out of his bottle no wonder he slept the whole night lol,  also have him on solids now he loves them :)

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