Tuesday, May 31, 2011


had my ultrasound and peanut is looking great :)
we have a heartbeat of 148bpm, and it is only measuring 3 days behind,
though its so cute :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

hurtful Posts

i thought i would post this so i cant be accused of being an attention whore or making it up

kovu wrote:
ladyyell0 wrote:
Did y'all catch the 6 wk belly thread??? And there was only 1 contender!!!! The only one who's anorexic enough to start showing that early!!

At least she waited until 6 weeks, on our board she started at 4

Yes, we got the 4 week belly pics, too. Um, sweetheart, it's called bloat. And that "movement" you're feeling? Gas. Something the size of a sunflower seed isn't going to be kicking just yet.

there is a lot more of them, though i honestly cant be bothered copying and posting all of them on here


I have just had something pointed out to me that is really upsetting,
I am apart of a site that is meant to be caring and understanding where you can post anything you need to or want to get help/support, and you can do the same for others
I made a post on this site stating that i "THOUGHT" i felt movement, like yeah i know its "WAY" to early to feel anything tough i just wanted to know if any of the other ladies were he same,  though they took it to another thread on the site and started bagging the shit out of me, saying how it was just gas ra ra ra, like you hink i don know this???

Also another one was they were after belly pics, so i posted one of mine,  like yes i know its not baby as bub isnt big enough though they turn around and start calling me anorexic, and saying how is bloat and all that BS,

I feel sorry for one lady on the board, she cheated on her husband (cant remember the full story) thouh know she is pregnant and these lades are carrying on about that to,

It just so shockin how some people can be so rude and spiteful and just wrong, 

People wonder why i don tell them things for, as when i finally do i get accused of being an attention whore and a lair

I feel like the other ladies on my Due date Bord have a right to know, though i really don't want to cause them all the stress and the sadness that these spiteful ladies cause, though of cause we report them an nothing will happen shock horror there

they areall acting like a bunch of high school teens,  and they are meant to be mothers and mum to be,
just shows you that people can be a bunch or morons

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I am so sick of the rudeness of some people. thy just push and push and push, and at the moment i have had so much other stuff on my mind, with work and this pregnancy plus with me being the only one who was working, my kids, deacan's surgery though no its not that hard is it........
on another note had the market stall today, it didnt go to bad, we are going o go back next week and this time take a lot more stuff with us, as we forgot most of it, as i was in a rush,

have another scan tomorrow, looking forward to it though also scared at the same time, find out if bub is growing like it should be as last week it didnt grow that much, though on a plus side i am geting bigger and also feeling more sicker to, morning sickness has kicked in big time,

Friday, May 27, 2011

7 weeks

Well i am 7 weeks today, only 5 more weeks until i am out of the high danger zone though I dont get out of the danger zone until i am about 24 weeks, though all is seeming to go well now, had no spotting today and very little cramping so thats a good thing, thought i would also post a photo of my 7 week belly

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have another scan today, i really hope that everything is going well I cant wait to see what peanuts heart beat is at now

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


well i have another Ultrasound on Thursday i will be 6w6d 
not really sure what i will see, tough i hope peanuts heartbeat is a lot higher :) and that my hematoma has gone down, been getting some bleeding and spotting for the past couple of weeks and some cramping as well, tough most o the pain is going with some painkillers i hate having to take them though thats what the hospital has told me to do

though on the up side of the ultrasound at least i will find out if there is one or two heartbeats,  as she thought she could see 2 sacs side y side though wasnt 100% sure, so i guess thursday will let me know for sure,

Back from Surgery

well deacan is back home now, his surgery went really well,  he looks really swollen and sore, though all in all everything went well,
we just need to keep te pain killers in him for 24 hours every 6 hours, then only need to give it to him when we feel that he needs them,

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doctors Appointmen

Wll i need to make a doctors appointment n\this weeks, so i can get another referral for another ultrasound, EPAU (Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit) wants me to go for another to make sure everything is going ok, and that the hematoma is startin to go away,
Oh the plus side the bleeding has stopped, though i know it can come back at any time, So i am just taking it easy and resting as much as i can so i don't aggravate things, though it really sucks as EPAU said i am not allowed to pick the boys up or do much house wok, so pretty much all i can do is go to work and putmy feet up when ever i can, i guessi justhav to get used to not doing much and taking breaks as much as i need thm,

Though when i have my ultrasound i will be7 - 8 weeks so i am hoping i can see a lot more and and bubs heart beat is up higher tan 109, any way thats it for now will post more later

Saturday, May 21, 2011


isnt it funny the lengths people will go to to look at a blog?
People my seriously forget that i can see who sees my blog and how they get is, but oh well... then to ccome around to my forum and suss that our seriously get over it,
You would seriously think as i have not posted in here for a while that NOTHING has happened, NOTHING has happend that you can bad me out about or cal my a lair over though i guess if they wanna add the stats for me then THANK YOU!!!!!!!! it always good to see that it gets seen, though there is nothing to read much over any how,

Deacan's surgery is coming up

Well Deacan's surgery is coming up, today is Saturday and his surgery is on Tuesday, I have the whole day off work for it, though if he is ok and is fine come the afternoon i am going to go in,
im a tad bit scared with it, though i know he will be fine as he is strong and is a fighter, though the number one thing that scared me was that the doctors said that because he has had a chest infection in the past 4 weeks there is a higher chance of him having a bronciolspasam (sorry about spelling) and that is what is scaring me the most,
Daniel and I are allowed to walk down he hall with him before he goes into surgery though i get really freaked out with it, and i dont want to stress Deacan out any more than what he is going to be,
I know that my hormones are going to be everywhere and then also seeing my little baby in pain and not being able to take the pain away is going to be hurtful as well, though the main thing is that he wont be in pain for long (a couple of days at the most) and the hospital will send him home on strong pain killers (for his age) though i will keep you all updated with what happens with it any how


So i am 6w1d today, i have an edd of 13/1/12 though the doctors are not real going ot go on that thy re going o wait a week or two then do another scan and use for dates,
two days ago bub had a heat beat of 109, so happy about that,

This sounds stupid though i know i am only 6 weeks though i am showing already

I havent realy blogged in a while been really busy with work, plus i have had the flu or thekids have so i dont really get on much,

havng a look through myblog stats, and some people have gone trigger happy on searching for my blog, i guess i must have something worth reading then LOL
I done a digi test and some normal ones i love te Digi tests

That was the Digi think i was around 6 or 7DPO

then here wasth IC and th FRER

and all my stats

10DPO - beta 46
13DPO - beta 100
16DPO - beta 229
17DPO - beta 443
19DPO - U/S sac measuring 4w5d
21DPO - beta 1880
5w6d - icon_heartbeat.gif 109

wel any way that is it for the time being will post more later

Friday, May 20, 2011

So much stuff

well where do i begin....

well i am now working, though i have hadto have alot of time off due to being sick (flu andpersonal reasons)
the boys aregettngso much biger now :0 deacan is up and walking around

having a problem with my soon to be brother in law, he decided to gp all skitz on my facebook page over something that had nothing to do with him or my sister in law, thouh he had to look like the big hero though in the end he looked like a total tosser,

well having a Bq here at my place on the 2nd July, can not wait its oin o be a lot of fun... it wil be even more fun fr everyone who cmes, though wil fil everyone in about that later on,

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

back at it again

So looks like the snooping is back at it again, like seriously what is it with my blog, i haven't posted in so long and that's why i am sick of people posting my blog everywhere just to bitch or what ever like  first of it was AHM now it id from other blogs



Oh and don't forget AHM....

this shit is really starting to become annoying....