Monday, May 30, 2011


I have just had something pointed out to me that is really upsetting,
I am apart of a site that is meant to be caring and understanding where you can post anything you need to or want to get help/support, and you can do the same for others
I made a post on this site stating that i "THOUGHT" i felt movement, like yeah i know its "WAY" to early to feel anything tough i just wanted to know if any of the other ladies were he same,  though they took it to another thread on the site and started bagging the shit out of me, saying how it was just gas ra ra ra, like you hink i don know this???

Also another one was they were after belly pics, so i posted one of mine,  like yes i know its not baby as bub isnt big enough though they turn around and start calling me anorexic, and saying how is bloat and all that BS,

I feel sorry for one lady on the board, she cheated on her husband (cant remember the full story) thouh know she is pregnant and these lades are carrying on about that to,

It just so shockin how some people can be so rude and spiteful and just wrong, 

People wonder why i don tell them things for, as when i finally do i get accused of being an attention whore and a lair

I feel like the other ladies on my Due date Bord have a right to know, though i really don't want to cause them all the stress and the sadness that these spiteful ladies cause, though of cause we report them an nothing will happen shock horror there

they areall acting like a bunch of high school teens,  and they are meant to be mothers and mum to be,
just shows you that people can be a bunch or morons

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