Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doctors Appointmen

Wll i need to make a doctors appointment n\this weeks, so i can get another referral for another ultrasound, EPAU (Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit) wants me to go for another to make sure everything is going ok, and that the hematoma is startin to go away,
Oh the plus side the bleeding has stopped, though i know it can come back at any time, So i am just taking it easy and resting as much as i can so i don't aggravate things, though it really sucks as EPAU said i am not allowed to pick the boys up or do much house wok, so pretty much all i can do is go to work and putmy feet up when ever i can, i guessi justhav to get used to not doing much and taking breaks as much as i need thm,

Though when i have my ultrasound i will be7 - 8 weeks so i am hoping i can see a lot more and and bubs heart beat is up higher tan 109, any way thats it for now will post more later

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