Saturday, May 21, 2011

Deacan's surgery is coming up

Well Deacan's surgery is coming up, today is Saturday and his surgery is on Tuesday, I have the whole day off work for it, though if he is ok and is fine come the afternoon i am going to go in,
im a tad bit scared with it, though i know he will be fine as he is strong and is a fighter, though the number one thing that scared me was that the doctors said that because he has had a chest infection in the past 4 weeks there is a higher chance of him having a bronciolspasam (sorry about spelling) and that is what is scaring me the most,
Daniel and I are allowed to walk down he hall with him before he goes into surgery though i get really freaked out with it, and i dont want to stress Deacan out any more than what he is going to be,
I know that my hormones are going to be everywhere and then also seeing my little baby in pain and not being able to take the pain away is going to be hurtful as well, though the main thing is that he wont be in pain for long (a couple of days at the most) and the hospital will send him home on strong pain killers (for his age) though i will keep you all updated with what happens with it any how

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