Wednesday, May 4, 2011

back at it again

So looks like the snooping is back at it again, like seriously what is it with my blog, i haven't posted in so long and that's why i am sick of people posting my blog everywhere just to bitch or what ever like  first of it was AHM now it id from other blogs

Oh and don't forget AHM....

this shit is really starting to become annoying....


  1. Not sure why you have posted my new blog that I am creating for when my baby is born...there are no posts on that blog so not sure why you are including me in the "bitching" about you...I was following your blog because you were supportive of me when I lost Beckett but I can see that you don't want me to follow, and that is fine, but will you please remove my blog that I am not currently using.

  2. You know you like the attention. Why pretend to be annoyed. If you don't want people looking at your blog why do you have it frickin LINKED in your signature on FF?!