Monday, August 2, 2010

Really over it

Im just so over everything i really am, Im over being ingored, im over being treated like crap, im over being expected to do everything, im over being expected to drop everything and come running when anyone says...

Do people no realize that i have my own life and that i am not here to service them?

I have my own stuff to worry about, i have my own stresses to worry about have you ever thought of that? how about you come running when ever i say how about you drop everything when i want you to,,,,

Everything is just getting to much it really is, the boys, life, marriage, looking for work, bills,
I hate how i am expected to everything just a little help is all i am asking for,
I was lucky enough that my father in law peter was about to take Deacan for the night, as he is picking up on everything and becoming a down right handful also doesnt help that he is teething and has a bad case of colic as well,
Daniel and I are seeming to argue a lot and thats just adding to everything i am so sick of him spending so much time on the computer its jsut insane, i ask him to do something usally when i ask him to do something with the boys i need them to be done there and then though no its when he is ready like if jason or deacan has a shitty bum he cant go and change it right there and then has to wait or a snotty nose,
daniel wonders why i am so tired all the time, i spend most of the day cleaning, doing dishes, bottles, washing, lookin after the 2 boys, driving like 80km a day, now add working on top of that, well trying to find a job first any how...

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