Saturday, March 5, 2011


I got this reply off  a board in fertility Friend i was readying replies and come across this one that made me really upset

I don't know any stories personally (my LO's were preemies but not micro preemies), but my DH is a bioethicist at the #2 hospital in the country, and he occasionally makes NICU rounds to do consults with families, etc at another local hospital. He's seen 23 weekers make it just fine. Just the other day, he personally saw a couple of 23 weekers, they were tiny but doing fairly well. Viability is generally 24 weeks, but it seems many more are making it earlier on nowadays.

I know this sounds wrong and all though if there are more and more 23 weekers being born and surviving then WHY didnt my doctor help Bryce so he would of been able to be here now??? I am so angry and hurt and upset
The doctors didnt even give my little boy a chance though i am no hearing stories of more and more 23 weekers  being born and surviving it just doesnt seem fair at alll

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