Friday, March 4, 2011


SO its not bad enough that the ladies from AHM are still looking at my blog though they are now adding me on facebook like WHAT THE!!!!!!,
like honestly what is the big fascination with my life? its not bad enough they are coming through their link i am guessing they are searching for my blog to because all of a sudden i have the huge rush of google searches for my blog

I am so totally over all the DRAMA with them, life goes on..... though yet they are still coming here... what are they after more information to call me a bogan??? is that why you are all adding me on facebook for to see if there are any  "bogan" photos of me???

oh well guess they haven't finished with what ever they wanted/need to get off me......

have fun ladies though i really dont know what you are gong to find

What are you going to do next? tell me that it was my fault  my son died??? tell me i didnt do every thing that i should of??? tell me i am such a bad mother???


  1. You're apparently not too over the drama since you seem to be posting about it quite regularly.

  2. if they would keep to them selves i would be.....