Saturday, January 29, 2011

2 more day

well its only 2 more day now until i give up Smokes Alcohol and Coffee, i havent had  a drink since Christmas my last drink before that was when Daniel and I had a weekend away and then before that was a couple of weeks before i found out i was pregnant with Deacan so giving up Alcohol wont be that bad/hard for me

the hardest bit will be the Coffee and Smokes, thought its well worth it, so come Monday there is nothing!!!!! i am so looking forward to it, its a small price to pay though well worth it in the end,

Had a visit from the missionaries today, it was good chatting to them and also learning about the 10 commandments and also the few commandments that the Church holds,
they told me good new today :) As long as i stop smoking when i do and Stop completely i can be baptized a week after that so i am so happy i will be a member of the Holland Park Chapter,

SO my Baptism is booked for the 11/2/11 at 4pm I'm scared though happy about it at the same time,  They said because its such a big step for me it would be good if my Family could be there for it, though i can see Daniel wont be able to get the time off work plus he wont just for that any way, I will have the boys with me so Sister Preston will be able to give me a hand with them, I dont want to ask Peter if he would mind coming as i know he wont know what time he will finish work and plus he would of been on his feet all day
though i will make sure i take the camera to get some photos,

I know this doesnt mean anything to most people though it has a lot of meaning to me and i really want to do this,

I have Church tomorrow kinda scared about that, though it needs to be done, Sister Preston is letting me go with her and her family so i wont be alone for that, and i will have the missionaries there for support as well,

well that is it for now
Untill next time
Sarah xx

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