Friday, January 28, 2011

Bring on Monday

Well as some of you know on Monday i am Quitting Smoking and drinking Coffee, i am going cold turkey on both, As part of my religion that i want to join you need to be with each of those for one week before you are able to be baptized,

Most people dont understand why i am doing this and thats fair enough i dont expect them to, though this is something that i need/want to do so i am going to do it, and it doesnt matter what anyone says i am still going to do it,

I will be keeping a Diary on here of each day so i can look back and see how i went with it all

Also on another note i have started to use my Fertility Friend account so i can get some understanding of my body and when i Ovulate and so forth, as so much has happend to my body in such a short amount of time, i have brought some OPK's off the internet to help me pin point the day i Ovulate as well, Plus it is great catching up with everyone on there as well
Though i figured that it would be great to understand what is going on with and what symptoms are with what, like O'ing and AF etc,

any how thats about it for the time being will fill you guys in with more later

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