Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It seems like this day and age that almost 90% of the population is suffering from one sort of depression, and also different severity that others, though i have come to notice   that there are different causes of this, whether it is Drug and alcohol abuse, trauma, suffering a loss doesnt matter if it was a loved one or a child or a friend, Stress, now stress seems to be a big one for most people,

there are also different ways of being able to deal/treat your depression,  everyone is different so something might work for others though not work for some,
there are a lot of way to help treat it you have your medication, talking to a professional about it, writing helps a lot, I write to deal with mine i find that if its out in the open then i am more calm about it, though others like to talk nice calming walks, listening to music or just being able to express them selves,

If a person has depression it doesnt mean that you need to treat them any differently or you should stay away from them,

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