Monday, October 18, 2010


You would really think that it should be easy to find work hey? .... Its not as easy as i thought it would be, there are a lot of jobs out there though a lot that i cant do because at the moment i am unable to work Tuesday, and a lot of jobs out there are of course Monday through to Friday, i have even started to apply for McDonald's  job just to be turned do with "we have found someone more suitable for the position" yeah right you mean you have found someone younger,
I am so sick of being turned down for work, a lot of places have turned me down because i have children, and they think that it would be best if i am at home with them, though in the real world you need to work to be able to help provide  for them i don't have some sugar daddy to pay for the bills Daniel works his ass off every week and just brings in enough to pay for rent and a few other things, i am so sick of him busting it out there working so hard to try and get the overtime just so he can provide for us
Daniel hardly gets to see Jason during the week as he may get to see him for about an hour before he leaves for work or when i take them to daycare then he is in bed when Daniel gets home from work,
So if i return back to work i can help take the pressure off Daniel so he doesn't have to put in the over time (even though he still will) though he doesn't HAVE to he can come home on time and see his family,

Why does having to work be so hard, i am willing to do anything just about i have been applying for so much work just to get called in for an interview to be turned down for it, i give every interview 110% though i guess that's just not go enough any more :( its so disheartening.... it really makes you think how a person/family are able to provide for the loved ones... makes things tough

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