Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last Couple Of Days

WOW what a past couple of days we have had that's all i can say its been so full on I just hope next week is better I'll start from the start so you have some insight with what has happened
it all started Wednesday i was getting Jason ready for daycare, i wanted to get him there early as i knew i would get a call sometime during the day to pick him up just because of his asthma and coughing that he was having, so i got him to daycare then rushed home to get stuck into the house work as the house was a mess, cos Jason had been home since Friday afternoon, got home and got straight into the cleaning, it was about 8 or 8.30 by the time i got home, i was half way though when i got a phone call at 11.30 am from the daycare saying that Jason had a raging temperature and was coughing to the point he was vomiting and that his Ventolin had not worked when they gave it to him, so I just dropped everything go in the car and took off, also mind you it was pouring down with rain, there was water all over the road and was very hard to see, i called the doctor on the way to see if i could get him in ASAP to been seen to though of course when you really need a doctors appointment they don't have any,
I got to the daycare and Jason was laying on their beds having quite time he was in nothing but a nappy, i picked him up and he was boiling, i got all the info that i needed off the daycare staff his temp was 38 at 11.40 then at 11.50 it had gone to 38.1 and was still rising they had tried everything to get it down, poor Jason was pail as anything so i didn't hesitate to take him up to the hospital,
Got to the hospital and was at the triage desk they took one look at him and told me to bring him in straight away so we went in and to a bed, we seen a doctor straight away, they done a suction of his nose and sent that away for testing,  at this stage im guessing jason was feeling like crap he was crying continuously didn't know what he wanted he wanted up then down then a bottle then to get back up then down this went on for ages, plus with the doctors coming in and looking at his ears and throat and poking and prodding him he was just miserable ,
At this stage i went out side to have a quick smoke and to call Daniel to tell him what was going on, that we were there and getting seen to straight away, i came straight back in to find that they had put Jason on Oxygen, as his Oxygen stats kept staying between 90 and 89 as soon as they put the mask near him his stats picked back up to 99 to 100, they then sent him away for a chest x-ray Jason had white spots all over his lungs then doctors told me that he had bronchiolitis and what looked like the on set on pneumonia so they decided to keep him in for obs and just in case he got worse, Jaosn had to keep his Oxygen on for Wednesday night and some of Thursday morning, he started to get a little better by Thursday though still the doctors came in puzzled not knowing what was wrong, i was getting quite scared cos he was really sick,  and the doctors didn't know how to treat him, though on Friday the doctors came in to examine him as jason was seeming to have gotten better just like that (must of been all the prayers and so forth that i asked for) they said that he had Parainfluenza 3 and bronchiolitis, though because he was doing a lot better and was no longer needing Oxygen we were aloud to come home

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