Monday, November 1, 2010


So i have seen the doctor and he is really worried about my weight as i have been battleing an eating disorder since i was 19  somethings set it off and somethings dont, though i went and seen him about a few other things and yeah he made me jump on the scales and sure enough my weight has dropped because of the stress and so much running around that i am doing,
So he has basicly given me a month to get it back up to either 50 to 55kgs, or ill be re admitted into hospital to gain it again this will be the 3rd time it will have happend so they will not be nice about it this time i will have to have a nose feeding tube and have to be hooked up to it of a night.... im trying my hardest to gain the weight though im just not seeming to, i know i dont eat alot during the day though how can i when i am not hungry i cant force the food down my throat

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