Thursday, November 25, 2010


LMFAO!!!!!!!! Im sorry i just find it amusing how people like to cause drama/crap like seriously, 
Long story short, some shit has happened on another friends facebook page, a post was made to me by another person,
here is the post i have left names out as it doesnt need to be put it 

This comment is for SARAH ATKINSON " WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT " you can not have depo shots once a month, it is only 3 monthly shots , most of the time your period stops or you bleed all the time , so not a chance of you getting pregs again, you have weight gain, loss of sexual desire, depression , headaches and loads more... side effects. I have been on depo shots now since feb and hate it , and have looked up a site all about depo shots to find out more info about it and what it does to your body. WAKE UP TO YOUR SELF GIRL .

Like really??? why even bother posting it on someone else's facebook page? why not just post it on my or send it as a message? i'm sorry i know you all dont need to see this though i find it funny i really do, last time i checked we were all adults not little children,

Though another thing i find funny is how its so unbelivable that my doctor was giving me the injection every month instead of every 3 months, he wanted to speed it up,
speed what up you ask?  to hurry up and make it so the egg couldnt embed its self and also because i was having problems with bleeding so he thought if i got it sooner rather than later it would dry the bleeding up also placing me on these little white tablets as well to stop the bleeding,

Though i guess i am just a "drama queen" or a "Hypochondriac"  or a "Lier" or what ever you want to call it, because there was no way for me to be pregnant even through the injection was out of my system, YES the Ultrasound didn't show i was pregnant though the full blood work that he had done did, so for someone who ISN'T pregnant why would they have a beta or hcg level of 63???? though thats right i wasnt....
and as for my medical records being as thick as an encyclopedia LOL   it might surprise you i havent been to the docotrs that much it has mainly been for my children, though i'm guess you know best once again i am wrong,

To be honest I really couldnt give two shits if this gets back to the poster, i really couldnt, as i dont have to explain myself to any one, let alone lie about anything,

Its just funny that people cant come to you if they have a problem with you they have to drag someone else into it, so now unfortunately my friend is now in the middle of it when it had nothing to do with her at all, though i am wondering how the poster found out about all of this considering i dont talk to them, let alone they don't have access to my facebook page as its private though oh well ill just continue to laugh about it, cos really that's all you can do in an instance like this LOL LOL LOL LOL

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