Monday, November 8, 2010

Somethings going on

Well i dont know what is happening with me lately though something is going on or is wrong,
over the past week i have been getting very very bad lower back pain, i have been that tired i almost fall alseep behind the wheel, i am moody as ANYTHING to the point the kids are just really getting to me (i know they are kids its not their fault and thats what kids do,) Im stressed out of my head, with trying to find work pay bills the kids health my health and just the running's of a normal house, and to top it off my breast have been really starting to hurt and for some reason all of a sudden i have milk again like WTF, i think i might have to book myself into the doctor to see whats going on though this lower back pain hurts/is really annoying its like an ache though throbbing at the same time

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