Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Why have i started grieving all over again? i really thought that i was past grieving, though i guess i was wrong,
Im really sorry for all the really sad posts that i have been making though i just cant help but feel really sad at the moment,
i dont know if it was the add on tv last night or what, though i have really been thinking about Bryce so much today and just wondering WHY!!!!
and if i could of done anything to stop it, and how would he be now if he was here, and if he would still look like daniel and just the what if's

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  1. hey babe u will grieve for a long time babe u will always wonder what if but we are all here for u babe whenever u need us just ask hunny it is hard but u have aot of suport u will never stop missing bryce he will always be in ur and daniels heart babe just some things will trigger the sadness more then other things be strong babe love u