Monday, June 21, 2010

Knowing how I feel...

I have been umming and aring about posting this though i thought stuff it, this is my blog, this is my way of expressing how i feel, I know this is really going to piss some people off though to be honest i dont care i really need to get this out as i have been stewing on it for way to long

I dont see how people can tell me they know how i feel and what i am going through after loosing Bryce, when they havent been through it, one person really got to me and that was my step sister, she had a miscarriage at 8 weeks and had the nerve to tell me she knew exacly how i felt when i lost Bryce, im sorry sweetie no you dont, yeah a miscarriage is hard and upsetting i have had enough to know though it does NOT compare to a 2nd or 3rd trimester lost,

I have had so many people tell me they know what i am going through as their mum or friend etc went throguh it or they have had a miscarriage under 12weeks, im sorry though how is that the same as loosing a 20+ gestation baby?

You dont have to plan a funeral for the baby, you dont have to hold that lifeless body in your arms.... you dont have to walk into birth death and marriages to register you babies name....

Im sorry this must sound so selfish on my behalf though i just can put up with it any more, i needed to get it off my chest

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