Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life swap?

I think i am in need of a life swap... i know i dont have it as hard as other people and everything like that, though the life i have now is really getting to me,
Ive just had enough of everything i am so irritated by EVERYTHING,
I just want to curl up in a corner in a ball and just cry my eyes out for ages,
Everything is getting on top of me
I need to return to work though people are at me becuase i have put Deacan in day care, and i will be putting him in for an extra day as well, I HAVE to go back to work, people just dont understand that
some of us are not lucky that we can just live off our partners income,
I can only work the days the boys are in day care and i can only put Deacan in for 2 days as they dont have the 3rd day free that i want, also can work on the weekend as well,
I think going back to work will really be good for me,
Get me out of this house
get me back in the real worl around real people,

I swear deacan hates me at the moment he is well behaved for everyone else but me he jsut plays up on me, any how i guess i should just stop bitching

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