Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brick wall

Where is a brick wall when you need one... i just want to hit my head up against it....My father i swear... he is going to turn me grey, i really dont know what has gotten into him he is not himself, he has EVERYBODY worried about him, its like he has a split personality one min he is all happy and so forth then next turns really angry and nasty. as far as we all know he has depression, he is on meds for it though he takes them here and there
as far as i know he is suicidal, he has told his partner how he is going to kill himself, and keeps telling me he cant cope with everything and wants to be left alone,
though how are we ment to leave him alone when he keeps saying he wants to kill himself? how does that work?

i have enough of my own crap to deal with let alone adding on top of it with all this
im trying to get a head in my marriage making sure everything is ok, Jason is really sick at the moment with his asthma, deacan is being really fussy and wont settle cos he is teething, I have my own depression stuff on top of it all that i am trying to sort out,
last thing i need is to get a phone call from either the police or a family member saying that my father has killed himself, that would just put me over the edge

how are you ment to help someone that wont help themselves?

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