Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Why do i keep doing this to myself for?
I keep Google stillbirth and Incompetent cervix to see if there is anything that i could of done different
i know it upsets me though YET still i sit here and looking at different articles and crying...
Why cant i just come to terms with it for?
Why do i keep putting myself through this?
I keep blaming myself, i feel like such a dickhead......
i am so grateful for the 2 little boys i have now, i would do anything for them to, i would walk to hell and back if they needed me to,
though yet i still sit here and go over Bryce's death over and over again...
Why cant i move on from this for?? am i still holding guilt?
i know i blame myself still even through i know its not my fault, though part of me blames myself,

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