Saturday, June 4, 2011


I know this is possibly a long shot though what are the chances of me going into PTl with this peanut?

with DS1 i went into labor at 23 weeks he was born sleeping
with DDS2 i had an emergency stitch placed at 21 week he was born at 25 weeks (he is now 2)
with DS3 i went into labor at 22 weeks stitch was taken out on hospital bed rest until 32 weeks he was born at 33 weeks,

with this peanut i have the stitch placed at 13 weeks, and they are also going to stat me on progesterone pessaries then as well, now i dont smoke any more (been just over 3 months with out one, also dont drink coffee, and have better help with DS2 and 3

So long story short what are te chances of me going into PTL this time?

Im just really scared of having another child pass away, or also havin to have another 10 weeks hospital stay,

Does anyone know anything that might help me not have PTL?


  1. Eat. Please, please eat. I know you've mentioned that you battle an eating disorder, but when you choose to become a mother, your child should be your first priority, and eating would do wonders; they truly need the nourishment.

  2. oh i do eat :) i don't battle battle with it any more as i no longer think i am fat, i just have problems getting my weight up that's all, i eat what ever i can get my hands on, though thank you for your concern