Friday, June 17, 2011

Not happy with the kids daycare

An email that i sent to the daycare today once the kids got home

Hello ......
I a really sorry to be sending you this email, tough I am not happy one bit about the kids today being at daycare (17/06/11)
I know non of this is your fault and I am very sorry if this email comes across really angry.
I sent deacan to daycare with 3 bottles today, And he had not had ONE of them, I am sure the girls would of given him water during he day through his sippy cup though its not like him at all not to have a bottle, then to down 2 FULL bottles in the car on the way home,
Also another thing is that both the boys were sent with full lunch boxes today, and the only thing they had both eaten out of them was their sandwiches, I know that the daycare provides Morning and afternoon tea, so I am guessing that they ate that, tough they have come home starving,and I have never seen both the boys eat so much in such little time,
I am really sorry for this email, as I know this is NOT your fault at all though I am really not happy with the care they have received today, I caled .... at 6pm once both the Daniel's got home from daycare to speak about this, he said he is going to leave a note for the girls, as the ones looking after them were not there
I will try to speak to you about this on Monday,
Once again I am sorry for the angry email
Kind Regards
Sarah Atkinson

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