Monday, June 27, 2011

two faced

i really dont know what it is with people though why do they have to be  two face...

They act really nice when they want something then they turn around and be very two faced, or cause crap over stuff that isnt even needed, or just make lies up....

what peeves me of even more is that you have someone out of our life and then they turn around and stalk everything you do to try and find out any information you might have, they stalk you blog... yes i mean this blog... ask questions about you at certain public places (my children's daycare) they stare at you when ever they see you and pump other people for information... do they really think i wont find out??? like come get over yourself... oh and if you want to get people to add me on MY facebook to find out goss..... 
for someone who has dropped my family like a piece of shit, you are doing everything you can to find shit out that has nothing to do with you

Have you had someone/people in your life who have done this?? i so what did you do to get rid of them,???

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