Thursday, February 17, 2011


over the past couple of night i have been having really Vivid/weird dreams, they have been of old partners and old Crushes they are really strange,

When i have these dreams i am left wondering all day as they then stick in my head like a memory like they really happened,
Like this one dream i had, i would meet up with my partner in my dream (old crush) and i would be at a school for a gifted person, i would be living there, i would study music (flute) do Dancing, and i was an earth bender LOL like i just had to dream that weird one up lol,

I would only see my partner on the weekend he would drive up/i would fly out to see him though in my dream he and his family come to the school to surprise me and in my dream when i saw him i ran to him and jumped in the air and he held me etc like you would see in movies

This dream felt really real i can still remember it now. i really wish i knew what these dreams ment, cos after having them i find it really hard to go back to sleep again

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