Thursday, February 3, 2011

What a great day

I honestly wonder what else could go wrong today, it has been one thing after another,

To start with didnt have the best wake up of the morning, though it was such a hot day today, both the boys were home from daycare today so i bet they felt every minute of it, as they are used to being in air conditioning and we only have it in the main bedroom it only gets used when i am really feeling the heat

I got my new phone today just waiting for the numbers to be switched over woot woot,  so trying to learn how to use that, its gongto take a while i think LOL

Had a visit today from the Missionaries it was good for them to drop in and to see if i was ok and see how everything is going, and also to make sure i havent had a smoke or any coffee or tea, though yep nothing for 4 days now and i am feeling so much better, i am eating better and also sleeping better as well

though i need to get tea ready soon having veg and snaggs im really hungry for tea LOL, hope it tastes alright,

Though to top off such a great day today, i spilled  boiling water over my left hand and still now 30 mins later my ring,middle and index finger are still stinging, and have swollen a little, i guess that will be another scare to go with the rest of them....

 but yeah must say good bye time to get tea ready.


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