Monday, February 7, 2011


Why do people seriously have to laugh at my expense for?
People read what i write here and then laugh about it,  i never knew that people could be so sick,
Or really get off on other peoples unhappiness,

Like seriously i have no problem with people reading this thats why i took it off private as i have nothing to hide in here,

though it really makes me Mad when people then have to take the link of my blog to OTHER sites and post it on there for others to bitch and judge me about it
Like seriously how bloody low can some people get,

And people have the nerve to say i have no life LMFAO!!!! look at the you like seriously i can see where you post my link to my blog, i can SEE everyone who sees this LOL and people really think they can get away with it,

The true form of a bully.....

Since where cant people come and talk to the ones they have a problem with, why do they have to go about things so secretly for? People just dont think DO YOU!!!!!!

Its funny it really is, to see the reffering sites that people have been coming from, and that people think its just so much fun to post my thoughts out there for other people to mock...
Seriously GROW UP get a life and get over yourself

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  1. I of course saw your link of FF in a thread of drama, and I do not know what is what, nor do I care, but I read through your blog, and I really hope no matter WHAT, you stay safe, and I wish you and your family lots of love, and happiness to come.

    Sending you lots of strength, and thoughts