Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trying couple of day

Well all i can say is that the past couple of days have been ever so trying........

they have made it very HARD not to go back to smoking or at least have a coffee though its now been 8 days since i have had a smoke or coffee, and i am not going to let some self absorbed people make me start again i am better than that, and i am not going to stoop to their level and cave as that's probably all that they want

Daniel and I have come into some really shocking news that we are just not read to pass on yet as we are coming to ways to deal with it and to see what is going to happen its our choice no one else its Daniel and my life no one else

though thanks to a good couple of people my view have shot through the roof... so for someone saying that i am so self absorbed and love creating so much drama thanks for feeding it *dickheads*

this is my page views for the past 2 days

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday

thank you for hte stats guy really thanks *waves*  though like seriously can you please stop posting my link on other boards??? like really do you all need to cause more drama, its so funny how people are that gutless they post crap about you where you cant see it i guess that makes them ever so big lol
any how thats it for the time being Jason is crying and wants to get out of bed again and i have tea cooking
so until next time
Sarah xx

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