Tuesday, July 6, 2010


grr i get so angry at times....
you really think that Daniel would understand of be a little bit more compassionate about things though i guess im wrong,
Lately i have been having lot of bad nights with Deacan and i have no idea why he is just waking up every hour to 2 hours for a feed, then wont settle after as if its like he is over full and has a sore belly,
any how, last night was just really bad, he has been up since 11pm, and just wouldn't stop crying/screaming one moment he wanted his bottle the next he didnt, so i would burp him (as we have had a lot of problems with colic) then put him back in his bed he would be fine for about 5 mins **just enough time to get back into bed and comfortable** then he would wake/ start screaming again, i got so cranky at him and yelled at him i really didnt mean to though at this point it was 2am this had been going on for about 3 hours straight, and then daniel has a go at me telling me to be quite and ra ra ra ra as he needs to go to work... like bloody hell,
Ill be returning back to work soon, and i cant see daniel getting up in the middle of the night to him if i have to work, as i will be returning and working on a Friday, Saturday,Sunday and Monday then also Wednesday when i can put Deacan into daycare for that day... though do you really think of a weekend daniel will get up to deacan? and put up with his temper tannties??? just so i can sleep so i can go to work
NO he wouldnt he doesnt wake up to him at all...
I really wish he would stop pulling the whole "work card " out on me... im sure if i had a better paying job then him he wouldnt stay home and look after the kids.... its not as easy as it looks,.....

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