Thursday, July 22, 2010

Over it

AHHHH where to start...
What gives people the right to tell you how to raise your children?? what makes them think that their child raising skills are the bee's knees...
Like yeah i don't care if people want to give advice though once they start TELLING me what i should and shouldn't be doing with MY children that's when i draw the line...
Once they win mother of the year award i will let them TELL me what to do though until that happens i really couldn't give to hoots,

Maybe they don't mean to do it, though once i could understand and not worry about it, twice yeah maybe they didn't know though all the bloody time??? get your head out of the clouds!!!!
I'm so sorry its just so god damm frustrating, its like i am just always hitting my head up against a brick wall.... as i tell them not to tell me what to do though YET they still do,
i need a poster that says "insert brick wall here"

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