Thursday, July 15, 2010

So angry!!!!!

AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! it makes me so bloody angry.... words cant even describe how angry it makes me
How can people lie about that? how can they be so sick in the mind about it

I cant stand people who LIE about loosing a child/baby, how bloody sick are you? are you in need of sympathy that bad you have to LIE about something so heart breaking like this...

How about you stop being so god damm selfish and have a thought about people who have been through this, have a thought about how they feel, about the emptiness they have in the heart and lives
Hope about you just get over yourself... lying about something so tragic you really need to get your head checked, people like you make me bloody sick......

You need to be strung up and hung then pelted with stones....

Im so sorry guys im not normally like this though i CAN NOT STAND people who lie about this just to get people to feel sorry for them, grrrr talk about attention seeking, god forbid it does ever happen to you now as NO ONE will EVER believe you

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