Thursday, July 8, 2010

good enough

so i am really starting to doubt myself as a friend any more, i never see any one, hardly have anything to do with any like yeah i understand that everyone is busy and what not, though no one ever has time to catch up or go for a cupper, though they do with everyone else, bit of a kick it the guts if you ask me.
Its like people are avoiding me like the black plague,
If anyone ever wants to catch up im usually there, to be there for them and everything,
I guess you can give and give and give though not get in return,
Im not sure any more, maybe i should just keep to myself and my little family that i have, that way i cant get hurt or let down i guess

1 comment:

  1. so sorry i havent been down to see u in ages now mick has started work we have to get the bills up todate then i will try and come down either every second friday or saturday so sorry i havent seen u in ages love ya babe