Monday, July 12, 2010

Facebook Photo

I want to change my photo on Facebook to a photo of Bryce,
though i know if i do i will upset a lot of people as i know there are alot of people not just me that are missing him
Would it be wrong or spiteful if i changed my photo to him?
Would it be wrong if i changed it knowing that it would upset people?


  1. Stopping by from sorry for the loss of your son. I'd say the fb thing is a personal decision, if it were me & I really wanted to change my photo to one of my daughter I would. You are feeling what you're feeling & should give yourself permission to do so, I would say whatever helps you in your grief process.

  2. Bryce is as much your son as any of their children are theirs.

    He's a beautiful little boy, and there's nothing to hide.


  3. put it up babe it is ur choice and no one elses