Monday, July 12, 2010


oh my god i am so hurt right about now, more than words can explain,
I had a photo of Bryce up as my profile photo on facebook photo and my father told me to take it down like to change it so i did, I told him i didnt see why i should though i would do it any how, he then told me becuase it could upset a lot of people mainly him

Do people not understand that it hurts me more being told/asked to take it down? Bryce is my son still it doesnt matter that he is not here with us, it doesnt matter that he is dead he is STILL my son, i am proud of him i am proud of every part of him,

Like yeah i understand that it would hurt some people to see him because of memories and the pain of it all, though why cant i show him for? why do i have to hid him for? people make him out to be like this diry little secret that no one talks about....

no on would have a problem of me putting up a photo of myself or Daniel or Jason or even Deacan so WHY does it bother people that i put one up of Bryce????

I might be over reacting and if i am please and i mean PLEASE tell me, i dont know if it is my hormones, or what though yeah this really upset me

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